Jes Extender Tune Up Kit - White

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The Jes Extender Tune Up Kit includes a variety of replacement components for the Jes-Extender that are subject to wear and tear over an extended period of time. The genuine components in the Tune-Up Kit are manufactured by DanaMedic Aps, the manufacturer of the Jes-Extender, and are made to the same medical-grade quality standards as what originally comes in the Jes-Extender kits. This Jes-Extender Tune-Up Kit is compatible with the Jes-Extender Original Kit and the Jes-Extender Platinum Kit. What's Included in the Tune-Up Kit White Rubber Straps x2 0.5" Elongation Bars x2 Protection Pads x2 Cohesive Gauze x1

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